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Do you like flavored yogurt? Have you noticed how much sugar is packed into Chobani varieties? There’s 19 g of sugar, but 6 g is just from lactose-natural milk sugar.  That leaves 13 g of added sugar (3+ teaspoons full)! An alternative is Siggi’s Skyre which only has 3-4 g (1 teaspoon) of added sugar, after subtracting 6 g for lactose.

Craving frozen yogurt or ice cream? I eat plain yogurt with fruit on a regular basis, but when I get the craving for frozen yogurt (hello pinkberry/yogurt world/yogurtland/golden spoon), I go buy Siggi’s flavored skyre instead! It’s a creamier, more whipped, texture than Greek yogurt and also less tart. Why would you eat frozen yogurt with 30+g of sugar and 5g of protein when you can delicious skyre which has 9 g of sugar total with 14 g of protein?

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