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Your chance to blog for Seventeen!

Hi everyone! Wonder how I got to blog and be featured in Seventeen? I entered one of their contests and caught the eye of the editors. Here’s an opportunity for incoming college freshman to contribute to Seventeen’s College Blog. There’s 15 spots    open! This is a chance for you to gain communications experience, more readers, and to share your ideas. 

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Weekly Workout Wrap-up: Jan 23-29, 2012

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Monday: Frantic Interview Day-nothing

Tuesday: Not feeling good day-nothing

Back to business!

Wednesday: Running-4 miles, elliptical trainer w/ 5lb weights-20 min, #Team17 February Trim & Tone workout

Thursday: Running-4 miles, elliptical trainer-30 min 

Friday: Running-3 miles, NTC Fest-Cardio Killer, Core Crunch, Shaped Shoulders-45 min total 

Saturday: Running-4.5 miles, elliptical trainer-48 min, NTC-Sofia Boutella Fearless Core-15 min,  

Sunday: Bikram yoga-90 min, elliptical trainer-25 min

Note: Something better I did this week was exercising in the evenings before dinner instead of my usual mornings. I’m trying to be more flexible with fitting exercise into my day in preparation for medical school when I’ll most likely have lots of 8am classes.

Does it stress you out to leave exercise until the end of the day? I feel like I have something hanging over me…

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Weekly Workout Wrap-up: Jan 16-22, 2012 

Monday: 1 hr elliptical trainer + Seventeen’s February Workout (40 minutes) while watching Tangled!!! omgodz so good 

Tuesday: 1.5 mile run, 1 mile walk…my foot hurts after last week’s 17 mile suicide attempt

Wednesday: Rest, not feeling well 

Thursday: Seventeen’s Feb. Trim & Tone workout, Calisthenics Exercises throughout watching True Grit 

Friday: 2 mile run around track, 40 min elliptical, NTC 15 min. Leg Definer workout (Watching Full Metal Alchemist)

Saturday: 4 mile run, 20 min elliptical, Seventeen’s Feb. Trim & Tone (addicted to Full Metal Alchemist) 

Sunday: Bikram/Hot Yoga 90 minutes

Notes: I don’t think my feet muscles like minimalist running shoes for long runs =/ I felt fine after my 17 mile run last week, but after cross-training on the elliptical the next day, a muscle on my outer foot got strained. So, not much running this week, but I tried to do some more strength training. Oh and…you may notice that I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately because I’m still on vacation! Exercising while watching TV is just too easy…now exercising while surfing the internet may be a little challenging…

Bloggin’ Plan for next week: Photography & Recipes

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Anonymous asked: what do you usually do for your strength excersizes?

Right now I’m working out with Team 17 & Seventeen Magazine! (The link is to Jenna Ushkowitz/Tina from Glee doing February’s workout movies) This is a total body workout that’s good for beginners, but also one that experts can modify to their level. 

I also like Nike Training Club  for free workouts on my iPhone.

Bikram/Hot Traditional Yoga is great your strengthening your back & leg muscles. I do this once a week. 

…and I bust out push-ups & crunches after running! 

…and I do wall-sits or hold boat pose for 2 minutes while I brush my teeth lol

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