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Anonymous asked: You look so radiant and healthy! I really wanna grow my hair long and yours looks nice do you have any tips/advice? I had split ends so I trimmed most of it off but still have some

Too bad “radiant” most likely leads to tan and wrinkly in the (hopefully not-so-near) future =_=…I definitely pamper my hair! Some treatments I do include: 

  • Leave-in-conditioner after showering. I use Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine. It’s only $2.99 at Target! Works well at night because it’s thick.
  • Another leave-in-conditioner I like, Aussie Hair Insurance. This is good for daytime because it’s misty and light. 
  • For more intense treatment, I use a tablespoon of hair oil like Weleda Rosemary Oil, and massage it through my hair. I make sure to moisturize ends thoroughly. Then, I tie my hair in a loose bun and sleep with it overnight!
  • I hardly ever use a blow dryer or straightener. My hair stylist uses them on me once every 3-4 months.
  • I only use curling irons or hot curlers once or twice a year for very special occasions…(I’m really lazy about my hair when I go out..wooo little braid or poofy half-bun).
  • When conditioning your hair in the shower, leave the product in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Take care of other stuff in the meantime!
  • I eat a lot of omega-3s and Vitamin E! :D  

I only have experience with straight, albeit rather dry, hair! I have no clue how to manage curly hair. 

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