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Anonymous asked: That post was really fucking unnecessarily long, get a life.

You know, I don’t actually get that many messages, so when I do, like most tumblr bloggers… It’s kind of nice! And I click right away to see what a reader has said…And then it’s such a downer to read something like this. =( 

We give and receive a lot of feedback and criticism in medical school. My project this summer is analyzing feedback and comments from patients! It’s really important to hear from other people. I welcome all feedback and especially value comments that are specific. Please let me know what you like and don’t like. 

Also, I guess I haven’t introduced myself to new followers! Here are some facts about my life: 

  1. I’m a 2nd year medical student at UCSF.
  2. I live in San Francisco.
  3. I LOVE fitness. Mostly running, high-intensity interval training, cardio kickboxing, and lifting.
  4. I started swimming lessons this summer, something I’ve wanted to do all my life! 
  5. I do Bikram yoga, but only because it’s the closest studio to my place. I’d do vinyasa flow if there was a convenient option.
  6. I want to be a surgeon (maybe pediatric surgery).
  7. I’m also interested in hospital administration.
  8. I’m dating a really amazing guy right now =) I feel so comfortable about him. Sometimes, I say naive or biased statements. But he listens and pushes me to consider other viewpoints or adds to my knowledge…all the while understanding that I’m still learning and maturing. 
  9. I eat a vegan diet except when there’s free ice cream or homemade chocolate chip cookies infront of me (like tonight).
  10. I’ve been vegetarian for 4ish years, and vegan for 1.5 years.
  11. This week, my important meetings are with UCSF’s Associate CMO, Chair of Surgery, and a weekly Senior Leadership Council (this last one, I just observe and ask questions later). I’m also presenting my summer work to a group of physicians (so nervous, haven’t practiced yet and it’s on Wednesday!!) 

 Guess this post is also rather long…I don’t need to “get a life”…I need to get more sleep!



P.S. Let’s all try to not let negative comments get to us. Use them as an opportunity to get better at something…i.e. ignoring bs and focusing your energy on something better. If it’s actually a useful comment, try and understand where that statement is coming from and fix your practice.  

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Anonymous asked: Aren't you terrified out of your mind? I'm so scared it's unbelievable. Terribly excited as well, but mostly scared, haha.

Oh no, not at all! I’m a little nervous, spazzy/overly eager, not sure if I’m preparing enough during this summer, and bummed/stressed about how expensive housing will be around my school…Part of the reason I’m not scared is because I befriended a lot of medical students during college, and one of my close friends is a 3rd year (albeit at a different school). I can really ask him anything that I’m curious about! I guess I’m still really happy that I got in, so maybe I’m still in a honeymoon phase haha. I’m so excited to finally start formally learning medicine and everything I’ve been WAITING to study. 

Don’t be scared! Find someone you trust so you can just vent to, or email a 2nd year the questions you have. Hope you’re having a great summer! We’ll be FINE. Yay Class of 2016! 

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