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Nike Women’s Marathon asked marathon finishers what 3 words described crossing the finish line and this was how people responded! Mine is the last comment: "I see Mom!" I was so excited to see my family at the finish. One of my biggest motivators was thinking about my mom, dad, and my cousins at the end. It really made running my first marathon more enjoyable, bearable, and meaningful. 

I’m not going to lie…it took some nagging to get my mom to wake-up early and wait for hours for me lol. Do try and get someone to come see you on the race course and/or meet you at the end. It makes the pain worth it! Also, go ahead and cheer for total strangers. They may not look at you and or even look away because they feel awkward…but TRUST ME, it makes their run more interesting, exciting, and more fun! I high-fived some 5k runners who were already done, waved at a little girl, and perked up when someone called out my name (people can read it from your bib). 

I think I now have courage to run the Nike Women’s Marathon in October by myself =).

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