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11” x14” Acryclic Tenth Doctor Conundrum 

Photo 1: Grisaille

Photo 2: Glazing

I’ve been taking a little breather from blogging these last couple weeks because I’ve been working on things like this! Also, I had a Voice Recital (sang my first solo, “Over the Rainbow”), Modern Dance final (choreographed Paradise by Coldplay), Yosemite trip, Disneyland this week (not a huge fan…), Cancun in a week, and lots of essays due before June 1st! 

BUT I have a really cute giveaway coming up!!! I’m editing photos and writing the post today =) 

P.S. I hope this gets on the Doctor Who tumblr ! >.< 

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Doctor Who makes me go faster on the elliptical. It’s a perfect show to work out to! 40 minutes long, on Netflix, funny, and eventful! If you’re looking for motivation to exercise…how about making it a time to watch your favorite show? Usually, I try to work out for 1 hour which I split up into numbers of episodes.

www.doctorwhogifs.tumblr.com/ (I was going to reblog a gif but I thought it would make readers dizzy since it’ll probably take a few days to be pushed off the front page of my blog)

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