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Olympic moments that made me tear, laugh, and swoon (sometimes simultaneously)

This has been the sexiest, I mean, best Olympics so far. (Even though I only remember Beijing and shadows of Sydney). 

My favorite moments as they pop into my head:

  1. Gabrielle Douglas wins Gold for all-around women’s gymnastics (so so happy for her and USA’s lucky to have her as a new, popular role model)  
  2. Nathan Adrian wins Gold for 100m freestyle (I cannot afford to swoon because he’s too close to home…a couple of my friends know him)
  3. Debbie Phelps’s reaction…Maybe Michael won’t be there, but Debbie’s going to Rio.
  1. Michael Phelps’s 100m Butterfly awards ceremony…The Olympics just won’t be the same without him. 
  2. South Africa’s Le Clos beats Phelps in 200m butterfly & his dad’s reaction… I love Michael Phelps, but I’ll always support the underdog. 
  3. Royal Couple PDA moment!  
  4. Reading about Olympic Village’s craziness (ESPN & DailyBeast).
  5. Ryan Lochte is hiLARious 
  6. Ryan Lochte’s mom
  7. GB Diving Team "I’m Sexy and I know It" video 
  8. Katie Ledecky, 15 year old, wins gold in 800 m swimming 
  9. Marcel Nguyen wins silver in men’s gymnastics all-around (and my family’s collective spaz attack when we saw NGUYEN!!!)
  10. Watching with my brother, dad, cousins, and aunt, and uncle! 

So many more to come! What are some of your favorite moments? Anything you are excited to see? 

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    2. the closing ceramony and watching U.S.A.’s team walking around with all there gold medals like the bad asses we are
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    So if for some reason you hate the Olympics and/or have not been keeping up with the games, but still would like to...
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    This has been the sexiest, I mean, best Olympics so far. (Even though I only remember Beijing and shadows of Sydney). My...
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