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#5 Goal of 2012: work on a hobby

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions everybody? Huh? Yes I’m talking about how you vowed to exercise regularly, eat healthier, and all that good stuff. One of my goals was to work on a hobby. I couldn’t decide so I decided to study painting, practice piano, & learn singing. I’m taking my first Painting class, my first voice class, and continuing to play piano with my old instructor. I’m not exceptional that any of these subjects (especially not singing dear god) but I feel like I’m enjoying the world more by learning to do these things. It’s important to have balance in life and an appreciation for the arts. Once life gets super busy, having something unrelated to work/school/obligations will be priceless. It will be what grounds you, what relieves your stress, what gives you happiness.

I really haven’t been sitting infront of my computer much and my lack of blogging makes me ashamed to go on tumblr >.< Butttt I’m back!! and with lots of ideas and totally backlogged on new data and materials to post.

So what are you all involved in? Musicians, dancers, artists, cooks, athletes…BAMF?

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