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One of my biggest turn-offs is seeing a guy eating McDonald’s (Burger King, Panda Express, Jack-in-the-Box, etc.)…Then it occurred to me:

Why does a greasy, fatty Big Mac gross me out, but the thought of a buttery, sugar-laden cheesecake slice makes me salivate? Nutritionally, they are similar…the Big Mac may even be better because it has more protein! This has influenced me to look at cupcakes like burgers, cookies like French fries, and ice cream and frozen yogurts like artificially flavored and fried chips. Instead of treating myself to processed snacks, I am leaning more towards satisfying fruits like bananas and frozen berries. Therefore, I do not feel deprived at all because I’m eating the foods I want (which happen to be healthy!) and rejecting sweets because I don’t find them appealing.

This is a way for me to honestly evaluate what I’m eating. I’m not trying to never eat frozen yogurt again. But when I do, I won’t fool myself and think I’m choosing something healthier than a dough-nut or bag of chips. I grew up with rice-krispie treats, fruit roll-ups, Halloween candy, and Haagen-Daz ice cream bars always in stock…(yes, I would eat my Halloween candy months later when stale), so I am definitely still working to resist urges to over-indulge in sweets which I prefer over savory or salty items.

Ideas that Help:

  1. Being more nutritionally aware!
  2. Small goals: One planned dessert with added sugar a week (If you guys are hardcore, you can aim to eliminate ALL ADDED SUGARS MUAHAHA)
  3. Define the food items you actually like and find items which are healthier and satisfy the same craving. For example, I find that bananas satisfy my craving for cake and frozen berries + applesauce feel similar to ice cream.
  4. Take a picture of every “treat” you eat so you can remember that you have already had that before and don’t need to try it again. Overtime, you can see how much unhealthy food you’ve consumed and may be motivated to cut down! 

Let’s see how my favorite desserts compare to fast foods that I find gross…To me burgers and chips look so disgusting, I wouldn’t ever go near one. But that’s just me! You may go “blehhhh” whenever you see cheesecakes and ice cream.

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